Did You Check Your Stocks Today?

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Stock MarketDo you or someone you know own stocks? When’s the last time you checked them – this month, this week, today, 5 minutes ago on your stock market app? Most folks I know check their stocks pretty regularly and often. They are very interested observers of this hugely important investment and how it relates to their “portfolio” of  retirement accounts and or their income, or whatever.

Why is it then that we often have little or know solid knowledge of what the value is, what the market trends and outlook are, and all the other important information on the largest investment most of us have in our “portfolio” – our real estate investment (which for most of us is our home)?

What is the value of your home today? Where is it headed? What factors including inventory, listed/sold prices, amount of time properties are staying on the market until sold, mortgage interest rates, governmental issues, etc. are affecting or could affect the value of your real estate?

That’s what we want to bring to you not only in this monthly newsletter (to get our monthly email newsletter, click here), but on our website, blog and FaceBook page – important information that you might need to understand where your largest investment is heading?

Most of the information we provide in our market profiles is targeted toward the broader local market you live in, but if you would like specific information on your property, please call us today at 951.506.1956 to talk with us about it, or click this link for a free property profile and we’ll email it to you. We will use our professional tools and know-how to give you a clear picture of what your biggest investment worth right now.

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